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M-JPAT will conduct a common Personality Assessment Round on behalf of  all the associated MBA Colleges. The candidates should have a valid  AICTE approved written test score (CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT or ATMA ) or  GMAT / GRE.

The Personality Assessment round will be conducted on predefined dates. (Please click here to view the IMPORTANT DATES for exact schedule of events).

The Personality Assessment Round will primarily comprise of group discussion / case presentation  and personal interview.

The Group Discussion round will be used to check the ability of the student to perform in groups and get his/her viewpoint heard in a group and, most importantly to check for  the spontaneity and logicality  of thought.

The Personal Interview Round will consist of two sections

The HR round will be a test of communication skills, thinking ability, clarity of   goals and personal disposition.

The Academic/Technical round will be a test of subject knowledge and  knowledge of the work place. It will also test the candidates ability to apply their learnt skills. 

The interviews will be conducted by panels nominated by M-JPAT. They will consists of academicians, industry experts and leading B-School alumni.
Each interview session will be of approximately 20 minutes duration.

The group discussion will be of approximately 15 minutes and each group will consist of a maximum of 12 students.

The students will be checked for the following facets of personality :


  Short - Term

  Long - Term



General - Business/Economy and Current Affairs.

Immediate - Family and education.

Academics - Theory and its real life application.

Other Interests-Hobbies, Extra-curricular activities.


Drive for Efficiency and Excellence.

Leadership Qualities.

Desire to pursue goals that are likely to help a large number of people.

  Self-Awareness / Personal Estimation

  Action-Orientation / Pro-Activity


Expression and Articulation.

Listening Skills.


Closure / Effectiveness of Speech.

Experience - Ability to learn and benefit from both success and failure.


  Commitment to Core Values

  Handling of Stress

  Handling of Emotions.


All information submitted by the student during application will be verified during the Personality Assessment Round . Students will be required to carry original documents testifying their academic performance, extracurricular activities and documents related to employment for verification.

Students need to submit the valid written score on predefined dates. (Please click here to view the IMPORTANT DATES for exact schedule of events).

The written tests approved by AICTE (CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT or ATMA  taken during the period September 2014-February 2015) or GMAT / GRE ( taken during the period 1st January 2011 to 15th March 2015) will be considered for evaluation. Students can submit more than one written score. All the written scores submitted by a student will be normalized to an M-JPAT written score based on computing algorithms. The best written score will be considered for evaluation.

SCORE COMPUTATION FOR STUDENTS : Results will be declared on predefined dates. (Please click here to view the IMPORTANT DATES for exact schedule of events)..

The M-JPAT scores and ranks will be computed based on the following parameters :

Academic Record.

Work Experience.

Statement of Purpose - (as stated in the Application Form).

Written Test Scores.

Group Discussion Rating.

 Interview  Rating.

The weightage assigned to the different parameters are as below :

Sl. No. Assessment Parameter Weightage in Total
1. Academic Record 10%
2. Work Experience 5%
3. Statement of Purpose - (as stated in the Application Form). 5%
4. Written Test Score. 50%
5. Group Discussion Rating. 10%
6. Interview Rating. 20%

Student Registration for M-JPAT 2014-15 (for MBA Academic Session 2015-17)   is open
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