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There is nothing as a 'TYPICAL MBA' student, nor is there a defined skill set requirement universal to all the B-Schools.

With today’s global spread of the MBA degree and the proliferation of many B-Schools, there are thousands of MBA candidates representing different regions and cultures, career paths and backgrounds.

Considering the veritable mix of students in an MBA program, a MBA college does not have a requirement of specific undergraduate college program, academic achievements, pre-MBA work experience and extracurricular accomplishments. Moreover all the aspirants do not subscribe to a common career goal or a dream industry in which they aspire to work.

A typical MBA knows "HOW TO THINK" - rationalize, synthesize and analyze people and information with panache. He is confident and possesses sound theoretical knowledge and practical understanding. Taking responsibility comes naturally to him. What MBAs have in common is motivation, self-knowledge, realistic career goals, and a desire to learn and grow.

Academic requirements

The minimum qualification for taking up the MBA program is a valid Bachelor’s Degree (College Degree (3/4 years) Certificate), offered by approved universities at the national level of any country.

MBA colleges  attach neither similar importance to the undergraduate degree nor the same priorities to the undergraduate course. Some may favour technical undergraduates, while others favour students with humanities/science specializations. An aspirant needs good quantitative and analytical preparation for most programs. A good academic performance may not count for an easy entry into a MBA college, but they do have relevance in the process of the final decision-making in some colleges.

When to start

The average age of MBA aspirants falls between 22-30 years. However, graduation degree being the only pre-requisite, the course can be pursued anytime after completion of this minimum requirement.

Analysis of students studying in different MBA colleges reveals two broad generic profiles of students:

The first class of students belongs to the cadre of fresh graduates who are looking towards an MBA program for either a logical completion of their academic/professional study or a generic passport to ease entry into the corporate world.

The second class of students comprises professionals who after taking experience in the industry have felt that their existing skill level has reached a limit and an MBA can enhance their skills and help promote them to the next level in their career.

However, the student classification in terms of experience and qualification is not absolute. An individual does not have to subscribe to the above options.

An aspirant needs to gauge his/her potential, the benefits of an MBA program and accordingly decide on the right time to embark on the MBA bandwagon.

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